Binary Options Assets

What to Trade?

Binary Options Brokers were appeared on the financial world 15 years ago and it has been developing since then. There are lots of brokers, who compete to each other to attract clients. They try to offer the best features and services to their clients.  That’s why the number of trading assets increased gradually last few years. This article will overview trading assets and provide the argument which one is better over another. When you open an account with the one of the best binary options brokers, you can trade 4 major categories of assets. You can visit the broker reviews page to evaluate all the features offered by the binary options firms.


Foreign exchange (Forex) market is the most popular trading assets among the binary options traders. This is a great opportunity for traders, as this market never sleeps, 24/5. It does not make any time zone difficulties, whether you live in Sydney, Dubai or London. You can execute trades whenever you see an opportunity on the market and there will be many when it is opened 24 hours a day. Moreover, there are dozens of trading pairs. The major currencies are EUR/USD, GBP/USD/, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD and NZD/USD. However, you can trade crosses as well: EUR/AUD, EUR/JPY and so on. The market is volatile, which is great for scalpers and day traders. There is a great opportunity to make large profits. The payout is 85% on a single winning trade and can go up to 400% for specific trading options. Our favorite binary options broker for Forex trading is Boss Capital.


Indices are very popular among traders. You can trade Dow Jones 30, S&P 500, Nikkei 250 and many more. Their trading volume is high and it is extremely hard to be manipulated by any type of financial institution, which is very good for retail traders. The average payout for this type of options is 80%. The only drawback of trading these assets is that it is not available 24/5. It opens and closes from Monday to Friday in different times, depends on your time zone. We recommend 10Trade for indices trading. The broker provides educations materials, which will help you with your trading.


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Binary Options Assets


You may have no prior trading experience, but we all heard the well-known corporations and firms: Apple, Coca-cola, Ferrari, Google, Amazon, Facebook and many more. You can trade those firms stocks and make significant profits. For example, you know that end of the month an apple is launching a new iPhone. It is expected that the stock price of the apple will rise. So you simply go to your binary options platform, click apple stock and then call option. Make sure, you set a reasonable time frame and you will WIN. You can go online and look for companies’ updates and launches and make your trades according to them. Trading stocks options are a great choice for novice traders. Our preferred broker for stocks trading is Banc De Binary.


Binary options brokers offer Gold, Oil, Silver and Platinum for trading. You can make a profit up to 75%. For example, if you invest 100$, you will win 175$ in total (100$ + 75$). Commodities are less volatile market compare to Forex; however, it is attractive trading options for swing and day traders. Moreover, gold and oil are strongly correlated with currencies and you can hedge your positions to maximize profits and minimize losses. Porter Finance is a great choice for commodity trading.