Binary Options Expiration Times

Your executed trade in the Binary Options can be a winner if your call or put prediction will be correct when your option expires. The price prediction is not enough to be in the money. Expiry is the very important element for successful binary options trading. We discuss different time expires in this article, which help you to enhance your trading skills.

Binary Options Brokers offer different expiry times. You can choose according to your preferences. First, you have to know what your trading style is. Are you scalper (short-term) or Swing (few days or more)? Nowadays many broker offers short term trading. It can be as short as 30 seconds, or 2 minutes. Our recommended broker for this type of trading is Banc De Binary. They offer great payout and their platform is fast to execute your trades instantly. When you trade short term, execution speed can be the major factor for your success.

However, it is important to note that you should trade, not to gamble. If you simply, make a prediction based on your gut, you cannot win in the long run. You may have some profitable days or even weeks, but you will end up losing in the short term. Scalping is risky and you need to learn and practice before you master it. It is not recommended to set your expiry 1-2 minutes if you are a novice trader.

The next expiry timeframe is 7-15 minutes. This is the favorite choice among binary options traders, because there is enough time for the market to make his moves and if your prediction goes right you are in the money. It is important to note that, it is advised to trade volatile currencies. For example, EUR/USD, GBPS/USD etc. Exotic currencies are difficult to predict and they have no enough trading volume. You may wait 10 minutes, but only 1-2 pips may change. You can look 5 minutes bars to make your decisions. The one drawback of trading 15 minutes expiry timeframe is you should concentrate on your screen, not to miss opportunities. However, there is big potential to make large profits.

Less active traders may prefer to set their expiry 1-3 hours. It is more for day-traders, who are looking 15 minutes and 1H bars. Only small number of binary options trader chooses 3 hours for their expiry. However, if you have a winning strategy that works on higher timeframes, then go for it. You may make only a few trades during the day, but if winning rate is high, you still make good money.


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binary options expiration time

Binary Options Brokers also offer few days expiry time. This best suits for people with regular jobs, who have no much time to sit in front of their screens to analyze trades. You need 30 minutes twice a week to look at charts and execute trades. This will be additional income. You can analyze 4H bars for this type of options.

In addition, it is available to set 1-3 months as an expiry time. Such long time frames can be the best choice for investors. You can read fundaments and company reports for the best decisions. Technical analysis would be less practical in that case.