Top Binary Options Trading Signals


Many individuals start trading binary options to make additional income or earn a large amount of money. Everyone has different financial goals. However, all of them want to achieve success and make constant profits. The individual has to learn technical and fundamental analysis to become a profitable trader. Some people have no prior experience and prefer to simply copy traders from professional analysts. Moreover, the person may have an interest in binary options but he has a regular job and could not spend 8 hours looking for charts every day. This is when the Binary Options Signals can be a great alternative.

The signal providers are run by professional and advanced traders, who send the winning set-ups and recommendations to their clients. They have been trading for years. We researched and listed the best binary options signal providers in the industry. They are trusted and show promising results. If you subscribe for one of them, you get all type of signals (Forex, Stocks, Indices and Commodities). In addition, this service will help unsuccessful participants to improve their overall performance. By following one of the recommended providers, you will make weekly earnings. No more losing days.

Why Binary Options Signals?

It is important to note that the individual must win 55% of his trades to break even. What if someone show the strategy that gives 75-85% accuracy? Would you follow it? That is another reason why many people prefer to subscribe for the binary options signal providers. We include several companies and you can choose the one, which bests suits your trading philosophy. Many of them offer a trial period, so there is no actual risk of wasting money. If you do not like their performance, you can cancel your subscription anytime.


Manual or Automatic Trading? Signal Types?

There are different types of signals, which are provided by the above companies. Some are fully automatic (e.g AutoBinarySignals), that means your trades are executed manually. There is no need to be at your computer. You can check time to time to view your stats. It is the best choice for busy people with no prior trading experience because everything can be done without your participation.

Manual trading means that the signals will be sent to the individual and he can choose which one to enter and which to avoid. Also, he will manage his risks. If you trade regularly, then this approach will approve your trading so much.  You can evaluate and choose the best setups. However, that method cannot be convenient for people with regular jobs. They may not find time to execute trade immediately and it will result missing a lot of opportunities. If you choose manual signal providers, trading set-ups will be sent to your email, SMS and Live room.


  Signal Providers Win Rate Trader Satisfaction Website
1 sirfx-logo-3 96% rating_stars_new_transparent visit broker site
2 85% rating_stars_new_transparent visit broker site
3 the-binary-signals-logo 80% rating_stars_new_transparent visit broker site
4 80% rating_stars_new_transparent visit broker site
5 ipipz-logo 80% rating_stars_new_transparent visit broker site
6 80% rating_stars_new_transparent visit broker site
7 70% rating_stars_new_transparent visit broker site
8 70% rating_stars_new_transparent visit broker site
9 70% rating_stars_new_transparent visit broker site
10 the-binary-signals-logo 70% rating_stars_new_transparent visit broker site

How much can you earn using the signals?

This is a subjective question. The more you risk the more you profit. However, it is crucial to control your risks. You cannot become a millionaire in a few weeks. If someone claims that, they are mostly a scam. The signal providers’ average winning rate is 85%, thus following them will help you earn considerable amount of money weekly and monthly basis.