Best Sessions to Trade Binary Options

Many traders ask what the best time to trade binary options is. This article is devoted discussing this question and provide the most profitable time zones for your binary trading. Do you trade Foreign Exchange? Forex is the most popular trading assets among binary options traders. It is 24/5 and never sleeps. There are four trading seasons and each has its advantages. If you live in Japan it would be difficult to trade London seasons, as it will be a late night in your country and that is very inconvenient. We cannot provide exact times, as it depends on where you currently living. It would be different for every geographical area.


This season is the most quite. Not many people trade (compared to other seasons) and no volatility expected, unless very important news are made public. This is the first season and big players in London and New York sleeping at that moment. However, it is getting more volatile when Tokyo opens.


Japanese Yan is the second most traded currency in the world. The market is getting active during those times, especially when the Sydney season crosses Tokyo’s. Then, Hong Kong and Singapore coming into play, where the majority of Asian institutional firms and hedge funds are established. Thus, the market is heating on. If you live in Asia, it is better to trade Tokyo season.

sessions to trade binary options


This is the most active and volatile trading season. A lot of news is expected during those times. It is claimed that 35% of Forex volume is traded on London seasons. It is more active than the New York season. If you live in Europe, it is the best seasons to trade, because there are many opportunities. The market makes big moves those times.  

New York

This season is also active, especially when the London market is opened too. There is 4 hours intersection, where there is the highest potential to make large earnings. It is the best time for binary options traders to engage in the market. After first 4 hours of New York season, it is getting quite, because most of the traders are already placed

Stock Markets and Indices

Many individuals prefer trading apple, google, amazon stocks. However, they are only open on New York time. Asian traders may find it difficult and uncomfortable to trade those times. It is inconvenient to trade at night. That’s the reason Forex is the most traded asset among binary options traders.

Trading Strategies

Every season has a different volume, volatility and cycles. For example, your strategy may be a winner on Asian season, but not as good on London times. It is important to adapt your trading methods to your preferred times.

We recommend trading the season, which best suits your country. However, as it was pointed out London and New York are the most volatile markets. This volatility creates many opportunities. For example, if you trade short term such as 1-2 minutes expiry time and having high winning rate strategy, you can make huge profits. In few minutes, the market can even move 10-20 pips.


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